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January 29, 2013
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Dave Strider

Everyone had a reason to continue living.

Rose wanted to avenge their parents' death.

Egbert wanted to find his dad in this world.

Jade still thought this was all just a game.

Dave's reason was a combination of two: the cool kid didn't want to die. And he wanted to find his best friend in the next world.

Sure, the Mayor was the shit. And yea, Egderp was fucking hilarious, too. But his best friend was a small girl with bright eyes and a large smile.

Her name? (First) (Last). The short girl with an attitude.

He had so many memories with her.

"Whatcha doin', Strida?"

Dave glanced at the (blond, brunette, blackette, etc.) from his computer chair, an undetectable smile gracing his features. "Your mom," he responded blankly, turning around and staring at her from behind his shades. The girl smirked, walking in and throwing herself over his turntables. "Yo! Fuck no, get off the tables."

(Name) just giggled, moving a bunch of the dials and knobs with her arms as she waved them wildly. "Haha~ Wonder what sound this makes?" she giggled, laughing evilly.

Dave glared at the girl- and by glare we mean he just kept his face the same. "Don't you eve-" just as he was about to finish his sentence, (Name) flicked the 'on' switch and a loud screech filled his room.

'Oh my neighbors are gonna have a shit fest.'

(Name) giggled loudly again, flicking the button to 'off' and rolling to the floor. As she sat herself against the turntables, Bro came storming in, smuppet in hand.

"What the fuck was that?"

(Name) looked up innocently, (eye color) eyes wide. "I accidentally hit the 'on' button."

Bro looked at Dave, his lips twitching into a disapproving frown. Dave blinked behind his glasses, asking blandly, "What?"

"Dave. I taught you sicker beats."

"She moved them!" Dave's voice raised uncharacteristically, his uncoolness bursting at the seams.

"Did not!"

"Did so!"

"Did not!"

"Did fucking so!"

(Name) blew a raspberry at him and flipped him off. Bro facepalmed before pointing at (Name). "Dave," the boy looked up from flicking her off, "Teach this bitch some sick beats."

Dave chuckled at the memory, a stray tear slipping down his cheek. He wiped his face, removing his glasses and rubbing his unnaturally red eyes. Ah, how he missed the short girl.

And who's walking in?

Her Troll equivalent/copy: Terezi motherfucking Pyrope. Ergo, TZ.

"Whatcha doin', Strida?" she asked in her raspy voice, a giggle on the end. As she neared him, she sniffed. "Is that blue I smell? Ate you crying, Dave?"

"No TZ. I'm not crying," he responded, rubbing away the last few tears. Terezi laughed, plopping in the middle of the floor.

"So, what are you doin', Strider?"

"Thinking about a girl."

"Do you like this girl, Strider~?"

"Yea. When we get to this next universe, I'm gonna find her. I'm gonna find her, and hug her and tell her that she may not know me, but I know her. Tell her I'm sorry I couldn't save her. Mosshy stuff, TZ. She was my best friend. The only chick my Bro even liked. I hope she's happy in this next world. Happy and safe."

"Oh~ Strider's is flushed~!"

"Strider's gotta girlfriend~! Strider's gotta girlfriend~!" (Name) sang, dancing around Dave as they walked towards the apartments. Dave flushed uncooly, smacking her as he texted his new friend, 'Rose.'

"Do fucking not, (Name)!" he yelled back, embarrased and angry that she was attracting so much attention. The (blonde, brunette, etc.) giggled happily, turning around and spinning.

"Gotta meet this girl, D! She nice? She cool?"

Dave worked up the nerve to grab her arm, pulling her back into his twelve-year-old chest. His face was red, and he was trying his hardest not to have an unsure frown on his face. "She's not my girlfriend."

The ache in his heart at the time longed to pin a final sentence on. 'You are.'

"Shut up, TZ," he mumbled.

"Is this human cute? Does she wear as much red as you~?" Terezi asked, scooting closer.

"Dave, your PJs are too big!"

Dave had to try and not have a nosebleed as she walked around in his dark red t-shirt, black spandex shorts in beneath it.

Those weren't her pajamas.

And he was kind a glad she didn't find them.

"Yea, she does wear a lot of red."

Terezi clapped, "I like the sound of this human already!"

Dave smiled slightly, knocking his fist light against Terezi's head as he got up to got pester his sister. "I like the sound of her, too."

Terezi asked one more question.

"Dave, do you miss this girl?"

He chuckled darkly as he left.

"Terezi, I wish we never even touched that fucking game if it meant I could still be with her. So fuck yea, I missed her."
And not one mention of irony!
*points to Cronus* And this guy can't get laid~!
XForeverStrange's second one shot!
I just. Dave.
Homestuck: :iconandrewhussieplz:
You: :icondavestriderplz:
Preview pic: I 'unno.
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