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January 10, 2013
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Listen to Miracle Hinacle while reading this.
Link to English Lyrics and English Sun in the description!

Solluc Captor
Miracle Hinacle

Your name is... you don't remember... and you have a unique ability.

Using other's misery, you can turn it into good fortune. While you occasionally use it for yourself, you prefer to use it to help them.

Your legend is known as 'the miracle girl.'

Due to your ability, you've mastered the ability to control both time and space and bend them into positive outcomes. And because of that, you can bend the space around you to 'fly' or 'float.' You also bend time to 'disappear' from your 'victims' eyes.

Right now, you're floating above them- a group of aliens called Trolls. There were twelve of them.

Your favorite had to be the yellow one.

Currently, he was being yelled at by the gray one and the blue one. The blue one was taunting him, and the gray one was reprimanding him. Then both parties stormed off, leaving the yellow one alone. You bent time and space to appear in front of him suddenly, which caused him to roll over backwards. He opened his mouth, fixing those weird glasses he wore.

You stopped him by swaying side to side, luring him quietly. Soon enough, he started swaying with you. Sweetly, a small blush on your cheeks, you said in your soft voice, "If you leave it up to me, I can perform the miracle of taking your misfortune away."

He nodded slowly, and you leaned forward, kissing him gently and drawing the misfortune out of him. Using your ability, you turned the misfortune into a positive outcome, grabbing his hand and running towards the door. Then you bent time again to run behind a well placed barrier.

"Ah... Yea, my bad. It was... useless to yell at you.. Sorry," the gray one apologized in his rough tone. You giggled softly.

"My bad, you were buuuuuussy. I shouldn't have buuuuugged you," the blue one apologized in her unique manner. You laughed loudly- only once though- before 'disappearing' yet again.

You smiled, floating above the group again.

You failed to notice the yellow one smile softly, nodding his head as a silent 'thanks.'

~time skip of awesome~ you from other fic: what am i doing here!?

The yellow one was upset again. You could feel the misfortune and unhappiness radiate from him.

It had been... Three weeks? Four?... since you last showed yourself to him. He had fought with the fuschia one. About something called a 'redrom' and a 'blackrom.' The fuschia one said that 'he was flushed for an imaginary being.' You?

Your heart felt heavy. He couldn't be 'flushed' for you, whatever that meant.

He had also talked to 'humans,' which irritated him slightly.

If you remember far enough back, you think you came from 'humans.' You certainly weren't a Troll! You didn't have the horns, nor did you have the gray skin. Your skin was a (skin tone) color.

You bent time yet again, floating in front of him yet again. He rolled back again and hit his head against a crater. Once again, his bicolor glasses were set weirdly on his nose. Smiling, you poked his nose and started swaying. And yes, he started swaying with you.

"If you leave it up to me, I'll use all your misfortune to heal you!" you stated sweetly. He nodded, bug instead of kissing him, you waved your hand over his face. The misfortune and unhappiness gathered in your hand, and a daisy appeared in your hand.

Your eyes widened.

Never had the misfortune turned into something without your help!

Were... Your powers fading? After... years?

Your heart felt heavy. And you couldn't take your own misfortunes and make good outcomes.

Nevertheless, you handed the daisy down to him, smiling cheerfully. Perhaps this would fix his 'romcom' or 'blackcom' with the fuschia one?

Your heart felt even heavier.

He took it from your hand, before presenting it back to you. Your eyes widened again, you mentally squealing,  'What?'

You were stopped when he grabbed the front of your dress, pulling you down to kiss you on the lips. His cheeks were warm and yellow, surprising you.

"Thollux.." he whispered, letting you go.

What was your name again?

You haven't told anyone it in... Since... The little girl that  raised around the 'batter witch?' Yea. Nearly sixty years ago...

"(N-Name)!" you stuttered out, your (eye color) eyes wide.

This cause 'Thollux' to laugh, "Y'know (Name), it'th not nithe to kithth and run."

You nodded hastily, your cheeks warm. What- what was happening? What was this warm feeling in your chest!?

"But you did make me happy... Thankth, (Name)."

He leaned forward to kiss you once again, but you disappeared from his grasp, blushing crazily.

Sollux smiled, leaning his head against his fist.

"Maybe feeling bad ithnt't all that bad... if thhe cometh to make me feel better."

twinArmaggedons [TA] is trolling turntechGodhead [TG]

TA: dave
TA: what do ii do when ii liike one of your 2peciie2
TG: you just kiss her or him
TG: usually that does all of the explaining
TA: okay thank2 iill u2e that on her next tiime ii 2ee her

twinArmaggedons [TA] has ceased trolling turntechGodhead [TG]

turntechGodhead [TG] is now pestering twinArmaggedons [TA]

TG: wait
TG: sollux
TG: you mean a human is out there
TG: sollux
TG: sollux

turntechGodhead [TG] has ceased pesterimh twinArmaggedons [TA]
Homestuck :iconandrewhussieplz:
Miracle Hinacle: IDK NOT MINE
You: :iconpervysolluxplz:
Preview is NOT MINE.
I'm I'll and fucked up. -_-
English Lyrics: [link]
English Sub: [link]
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