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February 23, 2013
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[A/N]: OH DEAR JEEGUS. MY FIRST ATTEMPT AT BROADWAY!KARKLES. THIS IS SEVEN FUCKING PAGES LONG. more like eight now I HOPE YOU LOVE IT, XERRIAS. I couldn't remember if your Troll blood color was blue or teal, so I went with a teal-cerulean color. :}

Karkat Vantas
Hissing in the Sunlight

He was going to sing.

You were going to make him sing. Even if it kills him. Not you, you'd only die from awesome.

You've heard him sing in the shower, a sweet sound that came from his soul. He thinks no one likes him, but if they heard his singing voice they would rethink everything they knew about him.

This 'him' I'm talking about? That would be your flush-crush, Karkat Vantas. He was so adorable. With his red-gray skin, short stature, curly ebony hair and nubby candy corn horns, he was the personification of adorable tsundere.

You sighed whistfully, setting your head against his desk and closing your eyes. You hadn't slept in days, and the even darker gray bags beneath your eyes were a tell tale sign of your exhaustion.

A soft hand pushed some of your black locks away from your face, gently pushing them behind your ears. "Asshat, don't sleep at my desk," Karkat quietly scolded, his voice holding a curious yet irritated undertone.

You smirked into your arm, nuzzling your face deeper into the desk. "What if I said no?" you tiredly teased.

"Then I'm going to fucking gut you," he hissed, grabbing the back of your head and pulling it up by your hair. You immediately stood up, yanking your hair from his grasp and glaring at him.

"Douché," you growled, rubbing the now tender spot on your head. "Why do you have to be so mean to me!? I've never been anything but nice to you! Well, maybe a little sarcastic, but all in good fun!" You stepped away from the desk chair angrily, feeling those angry tears well up in the corner of your teal-blue Soxxy Note: BLUE BLOODED GIRLS AND RED BLOODED GUYS~ Can that be a song yet? and yellow eyes.

Why is he always so mean to you!?

Karkat saw the tears start to slip down your cheeks, your lower lip quivering in your angry frown. He walked forward, hands up in a defensive gesture, as if you would lash out.

Oh my Gog, this shit is about to go down. You've been his friend for all the Gogforesaken years you've been stuck on this meteor. You've never once hurt him! Not once! And here he is, being a serious douché!

Your angry tears increased, and you rubbed your eyes violently, your gray skin bruising a slight blue color. "I hate you Karkat... I hate you so much..." you angrily sobbed, "I just want to be your friend! But no! Not at all, you prick! You can't seem to accept the fact that I want to be your friend! I, unlike a majority of the asshats we are or were friends with, don't give a damn about your blood color! All I care about is how you're doing! Haven't I earned your respect yet!? I've followed you through everything!"

"Don't you fucking leave, we have to talk about this!" he yelled as you turned to leave, opening the door.

"Yea, well fuck you! I'll go chill with Strider!" you screamed back, slamming the door and stalking into the common room. Kanaya gave you a rather confused look upon noticing your angry aura. "He's such a douché, Kan. I just want to be his friend," you complained, wiping your teal-blue tears away and setting next to her on the couch before you set your head on her shoulder.

Kan had always been more of a Lusus-figure to you, seeing how Sollux violently murdered your Lusus when he killed Ara that one time...She took you under her wing, even offering to let you live with her.

Rose gave you a look that said 'Make a move on her and you shall fucking die.' Wow, even though you could kill all of these idiots easily (you're not the only one with mind powers, you were just more teal than blue) they still threatened you... Not like you would, they were your friends!

"Do I need to auspitize the situation?" Kanaya asked in her firm, kind voice. You shook your head no, cuddling into her arms and snuggling into her figure.

"I don't completely hate him," you sighed, "I feel more... Red-black? I mean, if we ever filled Quads together, we would fluctuate a lot..." You nuzzled your head into Kanaya's bust, closing your tired eyes. "Well, I doubt we'll ever be in Quads... He likes," yawn, "Jade..."

"In a Red way?" Rose asked, suddenly very interested in the exchange you and her Matesprit where having.

"Yea, I... ahh, think so..." you mumbled, cuddling into Kanaya even more.

Man, for a Rainbow Drinker, she sure is warm...

Your eyes slid closed, sleep edging your consciousness but not quite taking over. You were in a sort of limbo, fading in and out of tune with your surroundings, only registering the soft exchange of words and the warmth Kanaya was giving you as she cuddled.

You caught the soft question, "Is that h- Oh. Is she asleep?"

That asshat.

"Ah, yes, Karkat, our dearest (Name) is. May I ask what you did to make her storm out crying, then sleep?" Kanaya asked, adjusting you so you were cradled in one of her arms and she could set her glowing face in her other palm. You heard the surprised grunt of Karkat, and then the awkward shuffling of clothes.

"I, well, shit, she was being bipolar again!" he angrily defended, and you caught what sounded like clothes shuffling again.

Crossing his arms...

"Yes, but (Name) was talking about Quads. You know how she gets about Quadrants, what with her failed relationships with a number of the low and highblooded Trolls in our group of 'friends.'" Oh, thanks Kan, you had almost forgot about those. Seriously...

Your eyes creaked open slightly, sending a heated glare towards Karkat. He shrunk back when he saw the anger buried deep within your eyes, an anger that dug back to your soul. Then he turned around, muttering a string of curses. "You... You fucking wanted me to... Fucking sing, right?" he quietly asked, causing your eyes to widen with excitement.

"Shit, Beep-beep-meow, you sing? It's probably shit."

Oh, hello Dave. How are you? Still Matesprits with your Ex? No? Yes?

You bit your tongue, tempted to jump up and tear the Strider's heart out and give it to her. That bitch, the other one Karkat is flushed for. Terezi Pyrope. That bucket drinking, bulge sucking, nook stabbing, cardiac pump stealing Troll whore. Soxxy Note: Dear Gog, for once TZ looks like the bad guy... Win? Kanaya held you down, as did Rose, as an effort to keep you from massacring the human male standing in front of you. "Strider," you hissed.

He didn't seem to even notice you existed until you spoke. "Oh, 'sup Berry. Whazza happening'?"

"Me not killing you is 'what is up,' Strider."

Dave gave you a sarcastic hurt look (which was hard to identify with his ridiculous shades) and feigned pain. "Why Mint Berry Crunch, what have I ever done to you?"

You kept your poker face even though you felt like crying angrily. "You took the girl I loved away from me." Clenching your fist, you scrambled up and out of Kanaya and Rose's hold, the angry tears once again pricking your vision. "And now she hates me."

Dave chuckled, "You weren't very sweet to her."

"I'm bipolar! It happens! It's not like I wanted to flip out on her!" you yelled, the tears once again dripping down your cheeks. Spinning on your heel, you stormed out of the common area and back to your room, scrubbing the cool teal-blue tears from your cheeks and ignoring the pounding feet chasing you.

A hand caught your wrist, turning you around. "Get away, Karkat," you growled, voice raw.

"What the hell is your problem today, (Name)!?" he hissed, glaring into your eyes.

Here's a tidbit of memorable information: you and Karkat are the same size. While he maybe a mutant blood, he still had some Limeblood genes coursing through him.

"I'm angry today, okay!? It seems like no one understands anything! You don't want to be my friend, even though I haven't done anything to wrong you! Dave took my Matesprit away and finds way to rub it in!" you angrily muttered, turning away amd continuing into your room. Karkat tried to follow you but you slammed the door in his face. Soxxy Note: Knock Knock! Who's there~? THE DOOR.

"Let me in!"

"Screw off, Karkat!"

"Let me in! As your leader, I demand to be let in!"

Your eye twitched. He seriously has the audacity to do that? To use his 'leadership' to make you do things!? "You're not the leader to me anymore, Karkat!" you yelled at the door, waiting for another scream.

"Fine! I fucking hate you, (F/Name) (L/Name)!" he screamed back.

"Yeah!? Well I hate you too, you no good jerk!"

Hearing the stomps that faded, you fell to the ground and sobbed.

Every relationship you have ever held dear is crumbling around you. Falling to the ground in an explosion of cold hate.

You found the energy to crawl into your recoopracoon, letting your eyes slam close and sleep finally take you over.
It felt like you had only been asleep for five minutes when Kanaya woke you up.

"Kan...? What... are you... doing...?" you sleepily asked, rubbing your eyes.

"We were going to wait until you woke up, but you have been asleep for a few hours," she explained, helping you out of the coon. You yawned, and you swear you heard someone mutter, 'Cute...' Rubbing your drowsy eyes, Kanaya started changing you.

"What are you doing, Kanaya?" you asked as she produced a red and blue dress that looked much like the Madonna's.

"We have prepared much for you, and because of that our gathering requires formal wear." You now noticed the red dress she wore, which had jade accents along the sleeves and on her Virgo symbol.

Wait, what gathering?

Meh, you were still in dreamland, trying to save whatever Prospitians you could. That fire still raged on, the scent of flesh still clogging your nose every time you visitied...

Oh, wait, that's for another time.

You shrugged off your loose poncho, then your teal tank top and finally managed to undo your tight black jeans. You let Kanaya slide the dress over your head and zip it up, then allowed her to try and put your messy black locks into an updo.

She grabbed your hand, pulling you out of your room and into the hallw- why the fuck is Karkat wearing a pink and yellow suit.

You gave Kanaya a WTF face as Karkat bowed before you. "M'lady."



He took your arm in his, leading you towards a transportilizer, and then stepped on it, sending you two to the lab. "Have you gone Trickster on us, Karkles..?" you questioned, trying to keep your strained smile on your gray face.

"No, but you wanted a song."


Sending Karkat yet another weary glance, you let out a surprised squeal when you were thrown in a chair- When did Rose play the guitar!? And didn't Dave- OH MY GOG TEREZI IS ON THE DRUMS.

Terezi sniffed the air, sending an evil smirk towards Karkat. "I thought I smelt broken Quadrants and despiration walk in~" she sang, rattling the cymbal. Your mouth just hung a gap at the ensemble. Dave controlling what appeared to be the sound board, Kanaya on bass, Rose on guitar, and Terezi on drums....

This was going to end badly.

There was a mic centered on the makeshift stage, and Karkat tapped it wearily. "This thing on, douché!?" he angrily asked, looking at Strider. Dave gave Karkat a thumbs up, and Karkat looked back at you, blushing. "I apologize before hand for my atrocious singing. But, uh, well... This is for the girl I feel red for..."


And suddenly music. Terezi banged the drums, smiling widely as Kanaya and Rose joined.

"Am I more than she bargained for yet?
I've been trying to get just any where she wants to be-
But she'll see through who I am this week...
Stuck in the lab, alone with these fucking movies!
Guess I deserve the cold shoulder for talking to Jade all that time...
" Dave used the echo effect, cause the part to repeat. "Drop her heart... Play with spades...
And now she's falling for some hipster 'cause he's not me~!

So this is for Terezi. Great... Unless he's talking about- but that was-! Oh Gog, he's blushing!

"We're going down, down, and I got him down 'til the ride on this meteor's over!
Growin' up and soon I can show it-
A Knight of Blood God Tier before you know it!

You blinked, as did everyone else. His voice really was beautiful...

"Down, down, and I got him down 'til there's no more for me to get over!
Growin' up and soon I can show it-
A Knight of Blood God Tier before you know it!

There was a small guitar solo, of which Rose jumped onto a table and ripped all Alternian Guitarists a new one. Who knew this human was so good at string instruments!?

"Is this more than we bargained for yet?
Oh, don't mind me, I'm watching-
Marathons of Romcoms-
Wishing that I could be just fine like them!
Isn't it messed up how I'm just dying to be him!?
But I guess I deserve it for fucking this up from the start!
All this blood... All this pain...
I don't think I'd want to be a threshecutioner either!
We're going down, down, and I'm counting it down 'til the ride on this rock is over!
Growin' up and soon I can show it-
I'll be a Knight of Blood God Tier before you know it!

He jumped onto your table, offering you his hand and helping you onto it. You were star struck, because Karkat was showcasing his talent just for you!

"We're going down, down, we're counting it down 'til there's no more for me to get over!
Growin' up and soon I can show it-
I'll be a Knight of Blood God Tier before you know it!
Down, down, and I'm still counting down 'til this ride on this rock is over!
Growin' up and soon I can show it-
Be a Knight of Blood God Tier before you know it!
We're going down, down, and I'm counting down 'til there's no more for me to get over!
Growin' up and soon I can show it-
Be a Knight of Blood God Tier before you know it!
We're goin' down, down!
We're goin' down, down!
We're goin' down, down!
A Knight of Blood God Tier before you know it!
Goin' down, down, yea I've got it down 'til there's no more for me to get over!
Growin' up and I know how to show it-
Be a Knight of Blood God Tier before you know it!

Ha... Ha... Hey, (Name), ha, be my Matesprit?"

Your answer was a kiss.

Terezi gasped, and you turned to her. "I've got my own song, courtesy of Nep." Stealing the mic from Karkat, you sang sweetly, "It's okay to not like ships!
It's okay-
But don't be a dick about it~
It's okay to not like ships!
But don't be a dick about ships you don't like~!

"But, (Name), is that not hypcritic-hrrmph!"

"Let me enjoy the sound of win for a few more seconds Kanaya..."
Oh, so I hate everything. -Soxxy
Shit, i'm sorry, I can't believe I fucked up that bad...
only own the writing!
The song: [link]
Request Page Here: [link]
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