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January 12, 2013
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[A/N]: And suddenly insecurities. In Sollux POV.

lol fluff, serious, lemon, ghetto you and back to fluff

The original song, 'Demon Girlfriend,' is sung from a female perspective obviously… But, since I doubt positive!you would get jealous... Sollux did.

I'm trying to even out the POV in the chapters. Sollux now has three of the seven, positive!you has three, and negative!you has one. Neggy (as I'm calling ghetto/negative!you positive you is called Peggy lol) will get her time to shine soon enough...

Expect the names Peggy and Neggy to come up instead of positive! and negative!you.

Sollux Captor
Demon Girlfriend Boyfriend

Sollux was in a problem. He was becoming jealous of every Troll in the fucking Veil. Even though he loved (Name), he would still get angry at her cuteness and flip the fuck out.

(Name) looked up at Sollux, eyes wide when he leaned over her shoulder. She blushed when he kissed the exposed skin, but continued to type on the 'computer.'

She opened and closed her mouth, attempting to speak, but shut it and blushed at the computer.

Sollux felt his blood boil slightly, 'What the fuck. The jutht needth to tell me what thhe'th thinking.'

"I just realized..." she trailed up.

They had known each other for what felt like forever. And she was just now noticing something.

Sollux sighed, "What?"

She typed slowly, working on her ability to type without having to hunt and peck for the keys. She sucked in a breath, "You never let me try the mind honey."

Sollux paled, saying loudly, "I never what!?"

She blushed again, stuttering. He could tell that she was worried about pissing him off. "I-I.. T-t-the m-m-mind honey. I w-w-wanted to t-t-try i-it."

He shook his head fervently, "No! Hell no! If I light buildingth on fire when I eat it, you might teleport uth into a volcano or thomething!"

She sighed, blushing and nodding. "Okay, I see."

Sollux nodded. He looked at the terminal... He needed to use it... "Are you done with the computer?" he asked. She nodded, getting up. He sat down, and (Name) crawled into his lap, setting her head against his chest.

"Is it okay if I take a nap?" she asked. He nodded, setting his chin on the top of her head and bringing up a coding box.

He had found the code for the virus again, except under the name 'SBURB.' Sollux, being the 'thaint' he is, was going to try and save whatever species was going to play it by breaking it. 'Spreading the virus,' if you will.

If only he could break the ridiculous coding that protected it. A series of passwords and identifications.

After about an hour, he rage quit; throwing the keyboard across the room. Tavros happened to be walking in, and fell back when it hit him in the head. "O... ow," he muttered, picking the keyboard up and giving it to Sollux. "Your keyboard... Hit me in the face..."

Sollux accepted it, connecting it to the tower again and opening up another code box.

Perhaps he would have a bit of fun and create some... 'viruses.' More specifically, he wanted to piss Karkat off.

Over the course of her nap, (Name)'s head moved into the crook of his neck. She snored softly, nuzzling her nose deeper into his skin.

'Gogdammit, (Name)...' he mentally sighed.

He typed in another code, smirking when he heard Karkat angrily yell, "What the hell!? Why did it freeze!? What!? WHAT!?" Sollux could practically see the mutant-blooded Troll glaring into his back. Then he heard the begrudgingly hissed, "Captor... Fix it."

Sollux smirked over his shoulder, "Thorry, hot chick thleeping in my lap." Karkat growled, his hands balling into fist.

"You're in a fucking rolley chair, Sollux. Get. Your. Ass. Over. Here," he hissed, leaning forward. Sollux stuck his forked tongue out, rubbing a hand down (Name)'s long hair. She sighed happily, the warm breath brushing over his skin.

"Make me, printhethth puththy pantth," Sollux goaded, smirking when Karkat threw his hands into the air angrily.

And then (Name) decided to wake up.


The (hair type [brunette, blonde, etc.]) girl sat up, rubbing her eyes and looking at the pair. There was a bit of dry saliva on the corner of her mouth, and Sollux was tempted to wipe it off.

'Nah. Let'th keep thome PDA behind doorth.'

(Name) brushed some of her hair away, looking between the two of them. "W-what's going on?" she asked sleepily, causing Sollux to internally squeal.

'Oh gog thhe ith an adorable fuck.'

"Your matesprit is being an unhelpful fuck," Karkat stared sourly. (Name) giggled, smiling.

Sollux felt his heart constrict. She always smiled at other people with the same smile she had with him. Sure, when she woke up after they first 'did it,' her smile was far more tender and sweet than normal. Not that her normal smile wasn't cute, too.

But... Did she really care about him more that the rest if the Trolls?

"I'm sorry, but it's probably just temporary, Karkat," she said calmly, raising her hands defensively. (Name) nudged Sollux's shoulder, and said male sighed unhappily, typing another code.

Then he picked (Name) up. He was so, so pissed! "S-Sollux!"

He looked over his shoulder as he walked towards his room, "I'm taking (Name) for a while. Pleathe refrain from killing each other during the time we're back there."

Karkat grunted, back to trolling the kids when his computer unfroze.

Vriska was the only one that acknowledged him. "Have a good time fillllllling buckets, buuuuuuuggy booooy!" (Name) looked up at him, confused and blushing.

When they arrived at Sollux's door, he opened up and immediately slammed her against the wall, arm above her head to support his weight.


"I'm unhappy."

She blinked, "C-come again?"

"Unhappy, I said!"

(Name) blushed, clasping her hands and looking down, "S-should I...?"

Sollux snapped- this was not someone else's wrong doing. This was hers.

He grabbed her fave, smashing their lips together and kissing roughly, all tongue and teeth, nothing sweet. (Name) just crumbled against his chest, panting after a while.

He broke the kiss suddenly, banging his fist against the wall as he pulled his glasses off of his face. Then he locked eyes with her, glaring. "I'm unhappy-" She opened her mouth to speak, but he cut her off, "Unhappy, I said. What exactly am I to you!?"

(Name) opened her mouth again, but Sollux interrupted her with a kiss. He broke the kiss, staring at her blushing, confused look on her face. "Again with the magic of that bathhful, embarraththed fathe!" Everything suddenly poured out of him, "I want your attention, all of it! I want your thmileth and kiththeth- all of the kindnethth you have to offer! I want it all! If you hate me, thay it, and if you're jutht tolerating me, then let'th thtop thith! I like the you that'th always kind... Tho don't show me inthinthere thmileth..."

He waited quietly while (Name) processed all of the information just tossed at her. He quietly muttered, "I'm anxiouth.." She opened her mouth to speak, but he snapped, "Anxiouth, I thaid!... Do you even like me at all?"

(Name) nodded, and Sollux whispered, "Then thay it! Thpoil me with it jutht thith onthe!"

His heartbeat quickened when she leaned against him, softly kissing his lips. "I like you, I love you, I'm flushed for you, I'm everything. I'm sorry you've felt this way- it's just my personality. But you're my number one concern here..." Her lip faltered a bit, and tears spilled down her cheeks. "But I love you, Sollux!"

Sollux kissed her again, "You're the only magithian allowed yo uthe that magic on me.."

'Ah, I'm unhappy...unhappy, I said! What exactly am I to you?!
Stay with me! Hold my hand! Hold me for a while!
Again with the magic of that bashful, embarrassed face
Isn't that the wrong mood?! I'll kick you hard! Ugh!!
I'm not too excited!

If you hate me, say it
If you're just tolerating me, then let's stop
I like the you that's always kind
so don't show me insincere smiles

Ah, I'm anxious...anxious, I said! Do you like me at all...?
Say it! Spoil me! Won't you hold me tightly?
You're the only magician allowed to use such magic on me
Don't let go, because I like you

Ah, I'm unhappy...unhappy, I said! What exactly am I to you?!
My raised hand is restrained. You suddenly got so close...!
Our pounding heartbeats tighten into one
You say, "I'm sorry, but I love you too!"
I'm not too excited!'
I live this song.
We're coming up to an intermission for part ten!!! *excessive fan girl squealing*
As usual, the only thing that belongs to me is the writing. ;3;
But dat preview.
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